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I am a typographer, typeface designer, educator, and consultant who loves to work with creative projects and teams.

I partner with:

• Graphic designers, art directors, digital designers

• Letterpress printers, book artists

• Editors, publishers, copywriters, writers

• Entrepreneurs, small business owners, brand creatives

• Community groups, interest groups

You can find me in my Seattle-based studio, Ana Sofia Type | Design, where I’m launching my first type family (Vine), helping clients fine tune their typographic communication, partnering with innovative designers around the world, and exploring the next opportunity to share my passion and experience with a broader audience.

If you can see the magic then time will be your wizard

This is my story...

I am a multicultural globetrotter. Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, I was raised in large part in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now I live in Seattle, where I specialize in typography, typeface design, and letterpress printing.

My design experience has brought me around the world and down several rabbit holes of specialization, all so that I could discover my true calling: typography and typeface design.

After graduating from the most prestigious design school in Brazil, I was hired by a Big Publishing House. I designed over a hundred book covers and collateral material, but realized I wanted to dive deeper. I wanted to get into the inside of the books themselves—and I went back to school to do it.

After receiving my Masters in Arts and Design, I pursued my passion for book design and typography as a Rio-based designer and co-founder of Versalete Studio, a design partnership specializing in children’s books and book fair collateral. Meanwhile, I also taught university students in the design fields for over ten years.

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Vine and how I fell in love with designing type...
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When I moved to my new Seattle home, I opened an amazing creative door by attending courses at the School of Visual Concepts: Letterpress. Printmaking took my relationship with typography to the next level, leading to amazing new partnerships and projects—many of which I have highlighted on this site.

In printmaking, the untapped opportunities I saw for new type design developments led me to create my first typeface: Vine.

Vine conveys a warm, friendly feel while addressing the problems created by letterpress printing in small, challenging conditions. It has been no ordinary endeavor.

To prepare, I attended type conferences, participated in the Mentorship Program with the type designer Ferran Milan, offered by, and took the 2017 TDi Type Design Course at the University of Reading

In 2018, I connected with legendary type designer Sumner Stone, who saw the potential of my Vine design. A year-long mentorship with Sumner has resulted in an amazing new type family that I am proud to share with the world.

I’m always looking for creative partnerships, innovative projects, and opportunities to spread the word about Vine.