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I’m a Russian-Brazilian designer and educator.
Currently based in Seattle.

I specialize in typography and typeface design, the visual voices of language.

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Inspiration often comes to me from shapes found in nature. While my type design practice is heavily influenced by decades of professional experience using typography. Vine Typeface is an amalgam of natural gestures and functional proportions. Stay tuned to Vine release. Join my mailing list!


I specialize in partnering with clients and graphic designers to develop original and effective brand identities.

Typography can make all the difference between a strong high-quality brand and one that doesn’t seem to deliver. As in many things, the devil is in the details. And details are where I thrive. I create top-quality logotypes that make brands shine with clarity, originality, and purpose.

I also help with redesign and brand refinement — when previous design work is outdated or not quite where it should be. I look forward to hearing from you.

"A pedra na praça"

Book design is one of my major passions. I spent most of my career designing covers, interiors, and even crafting the copy text in some unique projects.

This was also my entry point to typography — where I was able to develop typesetting skills, grow an extensive portfolio, and build partnerships with authors, editors, and illustrators.

Although in recent years I shifted my focus towards other areas of design, I still love working  special book projects.

If you like my work and need help with typography on your unique book project, let's connect!

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FNLIJ Cecília Meirelles Award, Theory Book category, 2009.

If you share this passion, love good typography, and want to connect with me, just get in touch!

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There is just something magical about the mechanical physicality of letterpress printing that I've admired it for ages!

Printmaking became a fulfilling hands-on practice when I discovered the Letterpress program at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. Thanks to its welcoming environment and generous community I created many of the projects featured hereI also forged incredible new partnerships and merged what I learned into the development of my first typeface, Vine.

Keep it rolling another Cropped Smaller.
Design do livro brasileiro. Design of the Brazilian Book
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"Brazilian book design: The example of Civilização Brasileira publishing house (1959-1970)". Master Program, 2005. Presentation file.

Full dissertation can be downloaded here.