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Vine is a contemporary interpretation of the humanist sans serif. With a natural, friendly feel, an upright stance, and strong down strokes, Vine evokes the forgiving nature of the humanist form. Its distinctive flow and the flexibility of its strokes are reminiscent of a curve in a tree branch, a wave, or a calligrapher's dancing hand. Read more...

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I am Vine! 
Open, warm, and reliable.

Currently in development, Vine is a new typeface inspired by organic forms and gestures, as well as the beauty and craft of letterpress printing.

Vine typeface is being developed to cover a wide range of weights and optical sizes, including a display version with a crisper pronounced contrast. Stay tuned and be one of the first to know about latest releases and special pricing — Sign up for my mailing list!

Sketches for Vine

They say never to drink and print.

Maybe it was my visit to Washington State wine country and its rustic-looking tasting rooms while I was learning to print my first letterpress pieces, but something about these two worlds — wine and printing — connected in my sometimes inebriated mind.

From state-of-the-art books to postcards and broadsides, letterpress printing is a traditional technique in western history that is now associated with handmade sophistication and master craftsmanship. Similarly, the art of winemaking is an ancient craft whose traditions have evolved over time while remaining highly regarded for sophistication and artisanship.

This invisible link was the first sparkle of inspiration for Vine. Read more...


In my experience designing books, I often found myself looking for elegant and economic semi-condensed fonts that, while functional, would also feel welcoming to the reader. Those were not very available back then, nor are they common nowadays. 

Working in letterpress, I’ve often experienced and observed how sharp, digital fonts turn into darkish, cramped, irregular paragraphs when pressed hard on soft paper with photopolymer plates. Read more...

Vandercook, letterpress printing

Some highlights for letterpress:

Vine has a big x-height, open counters, and thinning joints, leaving extra breathing room for maintaining clear white spaces and absorbing ink spreads in challenging printing conditions. Its slightly wavy stems and moderate contrast are also designed to be forgiving of the usual irregularities created by deep impressions while still showing personality even at small sizes.

Readability and expression:

Despite the organic nature of its stems, Vine looks upright and stable due to the heavier down strokes that transition into partially flat-bottom feet. Combined with semi-condensed proportions and the consistency of stem endings, Vine appears like it’s standing tall and firm on an invisible baseline guiding readers’ eyes through the text. These anchoring features help balance expressiveness with readability.

Vine as your text voice:

Overall, Vine was conceived to work as an inviting text-size companion for script, calligraphic, and friendly display fonts. It provides humor without losing its footing, and it is expressive and legible — even in small sizes and dare printing conditions. From fine print stationary to fun books, editorials, and specialty labels and packaging, Vine will warm up your design with its soothing, friendly voice.

AIGA with Vine typeface
Vine letterpress printed
Letterpress tests of Vine