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Logos & Brand Typography

01 CES Brand Identity.png

CES Consulting LLC Brand Identity


Rebecca Mullins


Ana Sofia Mariz


CES Consulting is a company of seasoned electrical engineers that provide strategic planning and advocacy for their clients. It started as a family-owned company recently bought by two of its employees, Mike and Jessy.


Looking forward to communicating this management change and the new values it will be bringing, the partners reached out to Rebecca Mullins from Studio Saudade to redesign CES's branding system.


Rebecca reached out to me, and another successful collaboration started.


We started by having several conversations and establishing a name evolution, mission statement, and primary visual core identity.


Next, we generated a robust creative brief that guided our brand development. Also, as a result of this process, we defined new meanings for the CES acronym: Collaboration, Engineering, and Sustainability. This set the foundation for developing the new brand identity described here.

Working with Mike and Jesse was extremely rewarding. They were very open and engaged throughout the process, giving great feedback and following back promptly with any questions we had along the way. This close collaboration made the process flow easily, so we didn't have to go through too many iterations to arrive at the right solution. In addition, we were so pleased to know that the new branding had an equally positive reception among CES team members, contributing to and elevating a shared sense of values and collective purpose  as the company grows.

02 Old CES logo.png

Old CES signature


We started by looking at some visual references like the iconography from electrical engineering plans to identify shapes and forms that constitute the basic visual vocabulary of our client's field. One of the client's requirements was to have a logo that would include a separate symbol.


Then, we selected which symbols could echo the core values previously defined.


Typography is essential for any visual identity. The clean simple lines and angles identified in the electrical engineering iconography guided us in our selection of two typefaces.


Encode Sans by Pablo Impallari and Andres Torresi, refined by Jacques Le Bailly, upgraded as a variable font by Stephen Nixon and Marc Foley, and distributed by Google Fonts was chosen for longer words and documents


Vita Sans (Designed by Nikola Djurek at Typoteque) was selected to be the base for designing the three letters of CES logo.


While reflecting on the right proportions, we narrowed our choice to Vita Condensed.


The E was redesigned to remind a switch symbol. The S gained a right-angled serif at the bottom to integrate with the other forms and, again, reflect the visual vocabulary of the electrical engineering field.


The motor connection symbol (a circle with two angled stokes) was selected to integrate CES symbol. We did multiple iterations to find the correct width and angles before finessing the lockup.


We also considered using a box (another reference from the iconography).


The color palette was developed, taking hues from the Pacific North West of the US, home of our client, as a primary font of inspiration.


Secondary colors were chosen for applications in collaterals and websites.


Primary one color logo lockup LLC and TM


CES Symbol


Simplified lockup for smaller sizes accompanied by text


Square Stacked lockup version


Template with letterhead and footer to use in letter-size documents


Template for submittal reviews


Template for email signature


Study of CES logos in the context of other signatures of competitors and partners

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