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Logos & Branding


When Alicia Singer approached Rebecca Mullins and me, she had spent too much energy and money on a handful of logo sketches that were far from representing her company's core values. She wanted the brand to speak to women and LBGTQs communities to empower them to grow and protect their wealth for the long term. Together, we dug deeper into understanding and defining a detailed brief, including the company's vision, messaging, context, and keywords that should be shinning through a successful logo. This, the research for references and visual narratives were the missing part for a strong foundation upon which a successful branding could be built.


The first step was to choose meaningful typefaces reflective of the values of our client. Both typefaces we chose were designed by women.


Then defining a color palette to convey Stability, Freedom, Empowerment, Transformation and Beauty.


Composing and refining the logo. Several fine adjustments were made like rebalancing the design of the S of Singer, and adjusting the letter spacing so it reads as one word mark: SINGER and not SIN GER.


Business card background options.


Final business card for the CEO for Alicia Singer, the founder and principal of SWM.