Books for Children

A Turma da Horta Viva (collection of books)


Danilo Netto e Fernanda Godinho


Short stories/fiction




Ana Sofia Mariz & Christiane Mello @estudioversalete


Ana Sofia Mariz & Christiane Mello @estudioversalete, Alessandro Monnerat


This series of fictional stories was created to teach children to be ecologically responsible and adopt sustainable practices to improve their natural environment. We explored different textures, maintaining a common visual identity for the collection, according to the central theme of each book: recycling, water, seeds, paper. We worked on the design of text and illustration in an integrated way to streamline the narrative flow and enhance the experience of readers.


This was designed during the period of my partnership @estudioversalete. My central role was to work on the typographic design of the book and its harmonic integration with the illustration. As in many of my other projects, I focus on working with typography to visually reflect the content’s inner rhythms.