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A Formosa Princesa Magalona e o Amor Vencedor do Cavalheiro Pierre de Provença


Rui de Oliveira




First Edition: Artemis Editora. Second Edition: Ygarapé


Ana Sofia Mariz 


Rui de Oliveira


Ana Sofia Mariz 


This is one of many projects I developed for the author and illustrator, Rui de Oliveira.


The first version was a limited edition album printed with the silk-screen technique by Zen Serigrafia. It was produced to integrate a selection of publications that composed Rui de Oliveira’s portfolio for a Hans Christian Andersen’s Award.


Since this is an adaptation of an old medieval love story, my typographic approach was to use Silentium Pro designed by Jovica Veljović and inspired in Carolingian hands. This family has a vast amount of unique ligatures and spacial capitals that I used to create this archaic artisanal feel.


The version, a commercial edition, was published as a two-color brochure with added illustrations and text. For this version, I expanded the idea of colorizing the images with a range of shades of Gold and Black. The colorization added layers and depth to the magnificently intricate and otherwise black and white illustrations.


Sellings and honors:

  • Brazilian National School Library Program