Through Boboli Gardens: Reflections about the art of illustrating books for children and young adults

A seminal theoretical work on illustrating books for children and young adults. Published in Brazil this book is a result of the authors of an extensive experience and research that resulted on a PhD thesis.

As part of our work we edited and curated images, designed and typeset the content and worked closely with editors and the author to adapt a monumental text into a visually appealing edition.

The design concept in anchored on a strong humanistic and Florentine aesthetics that are core to the authors work. Therefore, it was printed in offset using only two colors — Black and Sanquinea.

At the request of the author the publisher offered the designer a spread to write about the design of this edition.

Nova Fronteira Publishing House
Text and illustrations by Rui de Oliveira, PhD.

Design and image editing: Ana Sofia Mariz

FNLIJ Cecília Meirelles Award, Theory Book category, 2009.

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