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Longas Cartas pra Ninguém


Young Adult Novel



Ana Sofia Mariz & Christiane Mello @estudioversalete




Salmo Dansa


Novel about the drama of a young man to overcome the trauma caused by the suicide of his friend.


As a first step, we worked with the illustrator Salmo Dansa to develop a core visual concept for this psychological and highly emotional drama. This leads us to work with tarot cards as a metaphor for the cruel game of life and death.


Salmo then created his illustrations by collage and sketching old tarot cards. We used the backs of the cards to form patterns and as a framing for the text. Each chapter opens the door to phases of grief that the character is going through. Our typographic approach was designed to underscore the expressive and intense tone of the drama. For that, we choose the typeface Kinesis by Mark Jamra that, as the name reveals, conveys dynamism at its core.