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Logos & Brand Typography

Logo design and collaterals for Estúdio Versalete


Designed during my partnership with Christiane Mello at Estúdio Versalete.


Founded by Christiane Mello and myself in 2010, Estúdio Versalete is a graphic design studio in Rio de Janeiro specializing in working with the publishing and cultural industry. After two years of temporary branding, it was time to have a logo that properly represented our services. The conceptual approach conveys the studio's well-structured typographic foundation and the artistic and illustrative work offered in partnership with artists and illustrators.


For that purpose, I used a couple of iconic text typefaces — Stone Sans Humanist by Sumner Stone and Arno by Robert Slimbach. The "EV" ligature was designed specifically to Versalete's Symbol and was based on the display version of Arno typeface. The ink drops symbol with the colorful pattern is a detail from one of our book illustrations. This logo still receives many compliments from our clients and helped improve our standing in the market.

Thank you card, front (graphic design & print)

Thank you card, back (graphic design & print)

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