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I believe that, like the human voice, typography carries immeasurable personal and cultural baggage in every little detail. Together, we’ll craft the unique visual voice of your projects.

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Let’s connect if you are looking for a professional evaluation on a project, advice on getting unstuck in your creative process, or help moving away from inadequate typographic solutions.

Find the suitable typeface(s) for your branding identity, logo, or editorial project.
Harmonize typography with images and illustrations.
Refine your typographic design to effectively use space, hierarchy, style, and tone.
Finesse a logotype so it's well-constructed, crisp, and tailored to your purpose.
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I love working with students and creatives, helping them move away from being stuck with unsatisfying typographic solutions to discovering how the right letterforms combined with a purposeful, visual design can reveal meaning and value.

Let’s connect if you would love to have:

Custom fonts are designed for your specific needs.
Your typefaces beautifully letterpress printed in fine papers.
Type specimens and guides that showcase and sell your fonts.
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Let’s talk typography!

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